DEV-AID was established in October 2013 as a social humanitarian, non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization. DEV-AID trusts in the principles of supporting and advocating for human rights, gender equality and social progress. It aims to support and represent developing communities in human rights issues, gender equality and social progress, aiming to play an important role by providing services to the community through orientation, mediation, information and providing alternatives for improving the socio-economic and political conditions. DEV-AID believes in: Values of voluntarism; Values of gender equality; Values of education; Values of women and youth; Values of non-discrimination of minority groups, cultures and religious, underdeveloped communities; Values of transparency and accountability throughout the work it does in achieving its objectives; Values of partnership and networking to create a better perspective for the beneficiaries, all stakeholders of its projects and for the organization it selves.


Address: Rr. Thanas Ziko, P. 65/1, Sh. 3, AP. 15, Tirana, Albania