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Cases from Albania:


Success stories of migrant workers who have found employment in your country


  1. B is a 26 years old man born in a small province of Bari – Italy. Due to low costs of living and education in Albania, he decided to follow the higher education in Tirana by the “Our Lady of God Counsel” University based in Tirana. The diplomas of this university are accredited in Italy as well. While he was a student he was integrated in the labor market through his part time employment in a call center owned by Italians. The language used in his job was Italian and the classes in the University were also in Italian. But R. B eager to be fully integrated in Albania invested in an Albanian language course as well. After his studies he did not return to Italy but started to search for a job in Tirana. Actually, he is employed in a branch of “Intessa San Paolo Bank” in Tirana, occupying the position of the credit officer.



Stories from migrants who are considering migrating to an EU country to find work


  1. T is a 27 years old man born in the rural area of Tirana. His family migrated to Tirana from a deep rural area of Kukes (northeast part of Albania) at the beginning of the new era of the democratic regime in Albania. The family like thousands of other families that jumped to Tirana that time, were placed in the surroundings of Tirana creating informal habitats and building houses all over, uncontrolled by the state. The difficulties they faced in the beginning were enormous, but also nowadays these communities are living in vulnerability due to lack of proper infrastructure, poverty, low education, unemployment and other social challenges. M.T has completed only the obligatory education and was obliged to start working at an early age to support his family. He has some history of employment, although with certain on-the-job / out-of-job periods. The main problems he raised regarding his employment prior to decide migrating were low paid jobs, insecurity of the job duration, payments at irregular interval, frequent job changes, lack of employment contracts and the resulting absent social insurance payments. He listed the employment conditions as one of the main push factors to migrate. He thinks that it is almost impossible to build a new family, without having enough income to provide for a decent living and housing expenses. He estimates that this aspiration is not possible in Albania with what he currently earns or plan to do. So, he decided to leave the country. He also claimed that his family was not living in a proper house because they couldn’t afford one.


  1. S is a young man (19 years old) born in Tirana. He lives in Tirana together with his family. Both his parents are actually unemployed, and the family is surviving under the scheme of economic aid that is a really ridiculous amount monthly. They survive with this amount and any occasional informal work that his father is doing. We meet K. S in the streets of Tirana when going around to find vulnerable youth that needs integration support, and by listening to his story we encouraged him to be enrolled in the free of charge public vocational training system which, offered him job immediately after the certification by the course. He is actually attending the auto mechanic vocational training course by Public Center in Tirana. Since his enrollment, even though we are stressing the fact that we will assist him in finding a formal job in Tirana, he always states the same: “Since I was a child, it has been my dream to go to Germany and work there as an auto mechanic because Germany is known for the car industry. I know there would be job opportunities in Germany and this is the motivation to go there”. The higher possibility for being employed, better jobs, higher earnings, and – especially for those who have a profession – the opportunities to reach higher and excel in their profession, are the main pull factors listed by K. S.


  1. L is a 23 years old man born in Fushkruja. He has also decided to leave Albania and the main reason why he is thinking of leaving Albania is because of feeling insecure in the country. His brother had been involved in a conflict with some other people who shoot towards their house in the middle of the night. They would have been dead by this time, but they were lucky that the bullets didn’t get to any of them who were in the house. The person who shoot towards them was imprisoned for 2 years and now he is out of prison. They still don’t feel safe in their home. Another reason why he decided to leave Albania is because of the economic situation. He stated that he heard from his friends living in Germany that Germany needs labor force. His friends living there have encouraged him to join them because they heard there that it is easier to receive a positive response from the authorities if he will be there and expressing the reason he explained us above.


Migrants who have returned from having worked in an EU country on their experience


  1. H is a 27 years old man who was born in the southeastern town of Bilisht. F.H comes from a provincial family, living with minimal income and suffering from unemployment such as the most part of the inhabitants of the area. His parents tried to give the best to him and their other three children but the area where they live don’t offer many social or professional opportunities. The majority of the families who live there live of emigration support. Most of the young part of the population immigrated to Greece given that Bilisht is next to the border with Greece. Also, F.H immigrated to Greece in a very young age and returned home around six years ago (due to economic crisis in Greece and instability with the permission of residence that created him problems to work there regularly). During his stay in Greece he used to work in different places, mostly in agriculture and construction but he never worked regularly and did not have a fixed monthly income due to the reasons mentioned before. What he earned there, went to support his family in Bilisht. When he decided to return home, he also got married. Together with his wife who is also unemployed he tried a lot to build up a normal life in Bilisht but without success. He tried to find occasional work in Korca (big city near Bilisht), but the income was never enough to support a good life. Therefore, he decided to leave Bilisht and together with his wife immigrated to Tirana in search of better life opportunities. Together with his wife, they came to Tirana five years ago (like a lot of young people from all around the country) and started to live in Kashar with some relatives in the beginning. F.H, being a hard worker started to work all around informally and created the possibility to rent a flat in Kashar – Tirane. The difficulties they faced were really a lot, economical and also socio-cultural. In the year 2017, F.H has carried out the process of vocational training in Plumbing professional course by Regional Directorate of Public Vocational Training No.4 and has been assisted by the staff of DEV-AID during the time he was attending the course. After finishing the course successfully, he has been employed (for one year and a half now) in a small construction company that operates in Tirana. This steady job improved their quality of living even that he is the only one that works in the family. His wife is still looking for a steady job that can meet her requirements.


  1. S. was born in Bulqiza, a very small and poor country in Albania, in 1987. He was the only child of two poor parents, living under difficult conditions at the time in Albania, his mother was a cleaning lady and his father was miner in one of the biggest mines in Albania for the extraction of Chrome. In the first years after the communist regime collapsed in Albania, E.S. immigrated with his family when he was 10 years old to Italy. The beginning was very difficult for him and his parents, who have done great sacrifices to survive, doing every kind of jobs. They lived in Italy for about 5 years, but, were forced to leave because of the very difficult conditions and the absence of the opportunities to find a stable job, he and his family immigrated to Germany. After 2 years of difficulties, his parents began a regular work and E.S. started the vocational school for carpentry. After graduating successfully and earning a job as a carpenter, E.S. faced a tragedy in his life, his two parents lost their life tragically in a car crash. E.S. was lonely and in a very difficult psychological condition. After 3 years, fighting alone and trying to re-emerge, he decided to come close to his relatives who were living in Tirana, Albania.  E.S after 2 years of difficult adaptation and sacrifices, given the very good knowledge he had received in the German vocational school and the work practice he had done there, together with the financial help of his relatives, managed to open a small business initially to make small repairs for furniture’s. Nowadays E.S. is running his own real business, producing high-quality furniture’s together with his 5 employees for 7 years. He is married and has 3 children, two twins at the age of 5, and a small 2-year-old daughter.